Trip Hacks DC

Tips for Moving to Washington DC

November 1, 2021

Trip Hacks DC is primarily a source of travel content for Washington, DC visitors. But once visitors get here, especially when they sign up for a Trip Hacks DC tour, they have a lot of questions and curiosities about what it's like to live in DC. If you're planning to move here, hopefully you'll find plenty of useful information in this episode. If you're just visiting, hopefully this episode helps satisfy some of your curiosity.

Rob welcomes John Coleman to the podcast. John is a real estate agent who has dedicated much of his time to perfecting the home buying process. He’s also the host of Coffee with Coleman, a YouTube channel where he loves to discuss Washington DC, real estate, business, and all that good stuff. Make sure to follow along with him on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Full show notes are available on the Trip Hacks DC website. 

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